Kaila Introduction

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Kaila is a powerful generative AI designed to help companies get the right information at the right time. Through Kaila Studio, an intuitive web based builder, companies can upload their content such as user manuals, knowledge bases or FAQs and have them transformed into powerful AI knowledge assistant.

This allows Kaila to provide accurate answers to user’s queries related to any company topic after being trained on it. By leveraging natural language generation techniques as well as pre-trained AI models, Kaila can effectively understand a user’s query in context and provide an appropriate response in either written form. With Kaila, companies are able to streamline customer service processes quickly and easily by providing users with the necessary information, wherever they may be located.

Kaila Studio allows companies to simply upload or connect their existing text-based digital content, and use it to train their own AI model. This makes it easy for companies to get started with creating their own AI knowledge assistant, even if they don’t have any prior experience with AI technology.

Kaila AI Agents created with Kaila Studio can be integrated into various channels such as websites, mobile apps, and messaging platforms, allowing companies to provide their customers with a personalized and efficient experience. Companies can also continuously fine-tune and update the AI model with new data which will help the AI assistant to stay up-to-date with the latest information and industry developments. Overall, Kaila provides an easy and effective way for companies to use  AI technology to improve their customer engagement and business operations.

What is the difference between chatbot and generative AI

Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that simulates natural language conversations with human users. It typically uses predefined responses to user input, which makes it a type of interactive technology used for customer service and marketing purposes. Generative AI is an AI technology that can learn from data, create new outputs on its own, and make decisions or predictions about future scenarios. It typically uses deep learning algorithms to produce output as close as possible to humanlike results.

Is Kaila a decision tree chatbot? 

No! Kaila is a true artificial inteligence based on deep neural networks without any pre defined decision tree.  Thanks to this approach, you and your customers will never stuck in dead ends for what is chatbots so typical. Kaila using generative AI approach so she will answer to any of your question. And don’t panic! Kaila will only ever answer questions that are relevant to the topic at hand.

What is generative AI like Kaila?

Text generative AI is a kind of computer program that can write sentences and paragraphs that sound like they were written by a human. It works by looking at lots of examples of text written by people, and then figuring out the patterns and rules of how the words and sentences are put together.

For example, imagine that you are making a recipe book, and you have lots of recipes written by different people. You can use text generative AI to automatically generate new recipes that are similar to the ones you already have, but written in a different way.

Another good example, if you have lots of children’s stories and you want to generate a new one, text generative AI can help you with that by using the patterns it learned from the existing stories and write a new one.

To explain it like you are 5, Imagine you have a toy box and it has a bunch of different blocks in it. Each block is a word, and you can build a sentence by stacking different blocks together. Text generative AI is like a toy robot, who can also stack blocks together to make sentences, but it can look at a lot more blocks than you can, and it can stack them together in different ways to make new sentences.

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